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    Transcending God's love and word into visual knowledge and enlightenment.

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    As I sat there in high school not knowing what was going on half the time, I picked up my pencil, flipped over my assignment at hand, and started doodling. Class after class, day after day, the "doodle" began to take shape and become more of a masterpiece. I didn't realize how powerful art was until I was in front of a blank piece of paper knowing that I can quite literally make anything come to life. The power of art is beyond human comprehension and I strongly believe it is a spiritual practice. To communicate with the ever expanding imagination is something so many people take for granted. The ability to portray an infinite amount of meanings and feelings through art is one of the most profound activities we can partake in. My name is Nick Fast and I am currently working on building images that deliver a rise in consciousness. Images that make people realize the spiritual nature of life and question 'What else is out there besides just what I think I know'? My goal is to simply heal individuals through my art, so we can all go forward together in the unity of unconditional love transforming our world into a more beautiful place for all to live.

    I am a self taught artist using faith to guide every stroke on the canvas. God has shown me what to do so far, and he continues to bless my work and spirit with the next steps to take.

    Media: I mainly use colored pencils because I want to show people that there are infinite possibilities with what you can do with art while having faith.

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